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Employer to bear cost of identifying ex-manager's USBs

The Federal Court has ordered Toll pay for an expert to confirm the serial numbers of external storage devices allegedly used by a former national sales manager to download confidential workplace information.

Employer wins access to former manager's data storage devices

The Federal Court has ordered a national sales manager to hand over external storage devices to his former employer after a forensic audit of his workplace laptop and email account revealed his secret plan to jump ship and negotiate a move to a competitor.

Court orders former manager to cough-up electronic files

The Supreme Court has ordered a school uniform importer and manufacturer's former business development manager suspected of taking confidential information with her when she left to start her own business to hand over digital files for inspection.

Complaints to HR triggered adverse action: Harrison

A Federal Court cross-claim by former Seven West Media executive assistant Amber Harrison alleges complaints she made in 2014 to two HR managers and her ex-lover, chief executive Tim Worner, prompted the company to take adverse action by launching an investigation into her credit card use.

Freehills wins injunction to restrain partners who moved to rival

The NSW Supreme Court has granted Freehills an interlocutory injunction stopping eight outgoing partners from taking clients or enticing former colleagues to take up partnerships or employment at rival law firm White & Case after they retired as a group last week.

Seven boss's former lover told unions off-limits

Former Seven West Media executive assistant Amber Harrison, whose affair with chief executive Tim Worner has seen the company in damage control for the past two months, was warned off talking to any trade union representatives about the circumstances of her departure as part of a deed agreed between the parties on her exit.

Seven West says Harrison breaching deed, employment contract

Seven West Media is today seeking to permanently gag former executive assistant Amber Harrison, arguing that by disclosing company information and discussing her affair with chief executive Tim Worner she is breaching not only a settlement deed but continuing obligations under her contract of employment.

Decade-long restraint reasonable: Interlocutory ruling

The WA Supreme Court has temporarily barred an engineer with highly-specialised skills from working with any competitors in the state after finding reasonable a 10-year restraint clause.