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Bench puts ROC in the dock

In the first appeal against a Registered Organisations Commission decision, an FWC full bench has quashed the watchdog's refusal to grant a union more time to submit election information and observed that its approach to defending the case could imply "a lack of impartiality".

CFMEU leader recovering from surgery

CFMEU construction and general division WA branch secretary Mick Buchan has temporarily stepped down from his role while he recovers from liver transplant surgery.

FWC hearing Together bid to overturn ROC ruling

An FWC full bench is today hearing a challenge to a Registered Organisations Commission ruling that Queensland's Together union breached the registered organisations regulations, exposing it to penalties, when its leader made a "considered decision" to delay lodgement of election information.

Organic growth not mergers on agenda for new AWU leader

The AWU kicks off its biennial conference today, with new national secretary Daniel Walton seeking to revive falling membership and protect jobs in key industry segments rather than pursue mergers with other unions. Meanwhile, the FWC has been questioning the "integrity" of the union’s reported membership numbers for the five years to 2014.

Greens-aligned secretary removed in PSA election

NSW PSA general secretary Anne Gardiner has been voted out after four turbulent years at the helm, with Stewart Calder-Little set to take over the role on October 28.

CFMEU construction leaders returned in most states

Secretaries of the CFMEU's construction and general division have been re-elected unopposed in all but one state, as the leadership and members reject findings and criticism by the Heydon Royal Commission and courts and tribunals.

CFMEU construction division leaders seeking four more years

Leaders of the CFMEU's militant construction division are looking to ride out the backwash from the Heydon Royal Commission, with all incumbent states secretaries expected to re-nominate in coming weeks for new four-year terms.

FAAA grounds elements of reunification plan

The new leadership of the flight attendants' association's domestic and international divisions, voted in at mid-year elections, is proposing to jettison plans to axe the union's divisional structure and move to a single secretary.