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Union membership strongest among professionals: Research

More than 27% of public administration, defence, community services and utility workers belong to a union compared with less than 10% in mining and construction, while those of retirement age are significantly more likely to be members than those under 25, according to new research.

Industry super must maintain connection with its roots: Weaven

One of the architects of the $2.1 trillion industry super fund movement, Garry Weaven, has warned that it must remain true to its roots and maintain its "members first" ethos even though it increasingly run by financial services professionals.

Heavyweight union drops opposition to same-sex marriage

Australia's second-biggest union, the SDA, has dropped its long-held policy of opposing same-sex marriage, as national secretary Gerard Dwyer looks to concentrate on core workplace issues.

Think tank dismisses the FWC and minimum wage

Over the next 15 years the nation should abolish the FWC and modern awards, set the minimum wage "as low as is politically feasible" and let the welfare system top up earnings, according to a new paper from an influential free market think tank.

Major AMWU overhaul gathers steam

The AMWU has agreed to press ahead with an overhaul of internal structures and governance in a bid to arrest declining membership.

Unions change structures to foster community power base

The NUW and MEAA are among the first unions to change their rules to accept no or low-fee community and associate members since the ACTU's call to transform their membership models by adopting "radical thinking".