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FWC rejects bid for documents as train strife looms

As thousands of NSW rail workers prepare to ban overtime from next Thursday amid an extended bargaining dispute, the FWC has thrown out an interlocutory bid to force employers and Treasury to reveal plans for future restructures or staff reductions plus any gains from productivity measures.

Failure to explain kills labour hire deal

In a decision signalling potential judicial pushback against so-called "sham" agreements, a Federal Court has quashed a two-year-old deal approved by three employees that now covers more than 1000 mining services workers, ruling that the employer made inadequate efforts to explain a document benchmarked against 11 different awards.

CPSU finally lands two new agreements, says bigger fish still to fry

The approval of new deals covering almost 22,000 ATO and PM&C employees heralds significant progress in the CPSU's longest-ever bargaining dispute, but the union says it won't be resolved until the Department of Human Services "gets the message on retaining rights and conditions".

Construction code protests to shut down building sites next week

The CFMEU will stage a national day of protest next week as tensions rise in the construction industry over the coming deadline for having code-compliant agreements to avoid being barred from winning Commonwealth-funded contracts.