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United Voice asks FWC to decide equal pay threshold issue

United Voice has asked the FWC to go ahead with a preliminary hearing on whether metalworkers are a suitable comparator in their equal pay claim for early childhood workers, but the IEU says it won't await the result.

Workplace gender inequality still a blindspot for men: Report

A new report on male engagement in gender equality says men are less likely to recognise s-xism in the workplace, recommending close monitoring of contributions to decision-making, the quality of male/female relationships and the impact and extent of caring responsibilities as strategies to increase awareness.

Target date for gender pay equity skewered

A Senate Committee's call for a target date for full gender pay equity has been seized upon by the union pursuing a four-year long equal-remuneration case before the FWC, but found little support from business or Government members on the Labor-dominated committee.

Mandate public sector equality reporting to WGEA: Academic

The Federal Government should consider requiring APS agencies to report to the WGEA on their performance against gender equality targets, University of NSW researcher Sue Williamson told an IR academics' conference this month.

Gender pay gap widens where women hold most top jobs: Report

A new report reveals that while increasing the proportion of an organisation's female managers reduces the gender pay gap, it perversely blows out again when the majority of senior positions are held by women.

Commission ends dads' flexible arrangement for school pick-ups

A tribunal has ordered two male employees to resume standard business hours from next month after it upheld an employer's decision to boost operational efficiency by ending a long-standing flexible work arrangement that allowed them to leave early enough to pick up their children from school.

Victoria to conduct gender audits in State public sector

Victoria will conduct gender audits across the state public sector as part of a new strategy to address inequality, sexism and violence against women, while a Senate inquiry majority has rejected legislation to outlaw "pay gag clauses" to reduce the gender-based remuneration gap.

Equal pay claim seeks to use metalworkers as benchmark

Employers are opposing a union bid for the FWC to make a preliminary ruling on whether metalworkers are a suitable comparator in their equal pay claim for early childhood workers, while the federal government says it is still in the dark on the detail of the application.

ACTU commits to in-house gender equality

The ACTU executive today approved a push to introduce rule changes that require gender equity across all of its elected and executive positions.