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FWC issues bargaining order in "Hotel California" case

An IR consultant says a FWC decision ordering his client back to the bargaining table will have a chilling effect by confirming the "Hotel California" nature of a bargaining system in which once employers check in, "they can never leave".

High Court set to hear landmark Rossato case

The High Court will next month hear labour hire company Workpac's challenge to a momentous finding that coal mineworker Robert Rossato had an entitlement to paid leave while engaged as a casual on consecutive contracts for almost four years.

"Sound reasons" for imposing PIP on worker: FWC

The FWC has thrown out a general protections application brought by a Roy Hill warehouse worker who claimed the mining giant used unreasonable performance plans to break him and force his resignation after he declined a settlement offer.

Milford ruling stands, after High Court rebuff

The High Court has rejected a former Coles worker's special leave application to appeal a finding that the FWC is entitled to establish whether a worker was sacked, if their employer argues otherwise, before a general protections dismissal dispute application can proceed.

Jenkins anti-harassment legislation ready by June: PM

The Morrison Government hopes to have legislation drafted by the end of June to implement the Jenkins sexual harassment report recommendations it agreed to today, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said today.

Morrison Government responds to Respect@Work

The Morrison Government says it has adopted the 55 recommendations "wholly, in part, or in principle" in Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins' landmark report on sexual harassment.

Court orders HP to pay commissions to "overperformer"

Hewlett Packard has failed to overturn a ruling requiring it to pay more than $370,000 in decade-old sales commissions to an over-performing sales executive, in a decision also rejecting the former employee's bid for an interest from 2010.

High Court rejects "front man" abuse of process case

The High Court has today unanimously rejected "robo-terminal" VICT's argument that the MUA abused lower court processes when it used delegate Richard Lunt as a "front man" for its belated bid to overturn approval of the company's enterprise agreement.