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Bench upholds construction shiftwork ruling

A traffic management company seeking a deal paying night workers shift loadings instead of higher overtime rates even if they don't take over from a preceding shift has lost its appeal bid after refusing to give an undertaking to overcome the deficiency.

Bench rules on casual terms in awards

A five-member FWC full bench led by President Iain Ross has today largely confirmed its provisional views on casual terms in modern awards.

HR boss best placed to represent Officeworks: FWC

The FWC has rebuffed Wesfarmers subsidiary Officeworks' request that it be represented by law firm Freehills in a dispute with the SDA and has suggested, based on correspondence from the company, that its head of HR, Heidi Dorman, should appear.

Elite swimming coach covered by award: Appeal bench

A full Federal Court has opened the way for a former coach of national swimming champions to pursue a six-year underpayment claim after quashing a finding that an award did not cover his role as he was overqualified and worked at too high a level.

Extensive participation in parliamentary workplace review: Jenkins

Almost 350 people - 72% of them identifying as women - have participated in Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins' review of federal parliamentary workplaces, while she has received 124 submissions ahead of them closing next week.

FWC favours renewing COVID-19 flexibility in key award

The FWC has tentatively decided, of its own motion, to reinstate a COVID-19 flexibility schedule to the graphic arts award, after it received an incompetent application from an industry representative body.

FWC endorses flexibility provisions in restaurant award

An FWC full bench has approved a Restaurant and Catering Industrial proposal to streamline restaurant award classifications, exempt higher-paid workers from key award conditions for more pay and introduce all-in allowances, but has provided for its fairness and efficiency to be reviewed after nine months.

Stockbroker's commission-based advisor launches underpay claim

Leading wealth management company Ord Minnett is facing a $230,000 underpayment claim from a commission-based former advisor who is pursuing his minimum award rate and leave entitlements dating back to 2015, plus penalties.

No adverse action where ignorant of rights exercised: Court

An employer has established it could not have taken unlawful adverse action after admitting it might not have sacked a geotechnician for poor attendance a day after she took personal leave if it knew of her illness.

Ross calls conference to weigh COVID-19 outbreak award changes

FWC President Iain Ross will next week convene a private conference of employers groups, unions and federal and NSW governments to canvass possible temporary changes to awards in response to the COVID-19 lockdown in Greater Sydney, after a request today from the ACTU.