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Middle names required for valid entry: Court

An employer who refused requests by police and an OHS inspector to allow two CFMEU officials onto her building site to investigate a Facebook-notified safety issue has avoided an $18,500 penalty because the union's notice of entry did not include the officials' middle names.

Life membership might help unions turn corner: McManus

A recruitment system tailored to retain "members for life" regardless of changing jobs or circumstances will help plug the union movement's "leaky bucket", ACTU secretary Sally McManus told today's NexGen2017 conference.

McManus calls on unions to disrupt, innovate

Unions should emulate the innovation shown by technology giants like Apple to arrest declining membership and build power, according to ACTU secretary Sally McManus.

ACTU "muscling-up" under McManus

New ACTU secretary Sally McManus is making senior campaign and legal appointments as she seeks to build the organisation's capacity.

New ACTU leader to push for major overhaul of IR laws

Newly-elected ACTU secretary, Sally McManus, has blasted "corporate greed" and pledged to win major changes to workplace laws, which will include pushing for stronger action from future Labor governments.

AWU to develop "social membership" category

The AWU is considering the creation of a "social membership" category for supporters of the organisation and its campaigns on industrial, social and economic matters.

Style makeover as AWU embraces hairdressers

It's the labour movement equivalent of the corporate skunkworks: a new union within the Australian Workers Union that doesn't look anything like its distinctly un-hip parent.

Social warfare intensifies CUB dispute

Union members are targeting official Carlton & United Breweries' Facebook pages with a series of critical posts as part of an ongoing campaign over the sacking of maintenance workers at CUB's main Victorian brewery.

Unions hugely influential in swing to Labor: Mackerras

The union movement's targeted marginal seats campaign played an "absolutely critical" role in generating a dramatic swing to the Labor Party in Saturday's federal election, according to renowned political analyst Malcolm Mackerras.

Unions change structures to foster community power base

The NUW and MEAA are among the first unions to change their rules to accept no or low-fee community and associate members since the ACTU's call to transform their membership models by adopting "radical thinking".