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Ex-cop gets to argue force discriminated against him

A full Federal Court has cleared the way for a police officer injured while on duty to argue the NSW police commissioner acted in a discriminatory manner in demoting then medically discharging him.

Disputed sacking reinforces need to update contact details: FWC

In a decision underlining the responsibility of workers to keep their contact details up to date, a senior FWC member has refused an unvaccinated worker's bid for a one-day extension to challenge his sacking by email on the basis he did not get the message.

Inquiry seeks to maintain presumption of work-acquired COVID-19

A NSW Upper House inquiry has called for parliamentarians to reject legislation that would remove the presumption that workers in frontline industries who acquired COVID-19 did so at work, giving them speedy access to support through the workers compensation system.

Victoria rescinds COVID-19 WFH recommendation

Victoria's Andrews Labor Government will later this week remove its longstanding COVID-19 public health recommendation to work from home if possible, after a big drop in virus-related hospitalisations and a substantial rise in vaccination third-doses.

FWC refuses to extend time despite law firm's failure

The FWC has found a law firm's lack of competence and "grossly unprofessional" conduct primarily to blame for the late unfair dismissal claim of a worker who breached a vaccine mandate, but it has refused to grant a one-day extension due to her role in the delay.

Ross declines to refer vax "questions of law" to full bench

FWC President Iain Ross has refused to refer to a full bench "questions of law" from a health worker and a group of Virgin employees seeking declarations that it is illegal to threaten those breaching vaccine mandates with the sack and that a "non-covid injected person" is no risk.