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Worker sacked after calling employer an "old c--t"

A company had a valid reason for sacking an employee who called its chief executive an "old c---t", but its conduct and procedures rendered the dismissal unfair, the FWC has ruled.

"Kiss my arse" worker abandoned employment in fit of pique

The FWC has thrown out an unfair dismissal claim from a worker who suggested his general manager "kiss my arse", finding he "resigned his employment in a moment of pique", while it has ordered another employer to compensate a supported wage worker who told a supervisor to "shove his roster up his arse".

Worker who called co-worker a "f---ing scab" gets job back

The FWC has ordered an employer to reinstate a sewer cleaner who left a message calling a colleague a "f---ing scab" for refusing to participate in industrial action, but it has declined to order restoration of his lost wages.

FWC reduces backpay for wrongly-accused worker

Melbourne's Metro Trains must reinstate a station officer wrongfully accused of stealing from a bag placed in lost property, but the FWC has halved her backpay due to her failure to follow correct procedures.

DHS worker sacked for social media comments wins job back

The FWC has ordered the reinstatement of a Centrelink officer who described customers as "spastics" and "whingeing junkies" on social media and posted comments that allegedly criticised the government and brought his employer's reputation into disrepute.

ANZ to pay $100,000-plus after "flawed" misconduct probe

An ANZ state director sacked for allegedly altering a confidential internal email and forwarding it to a journalist has today been awarded more than $100,000 for wrongful dismissal by the NSW Court of Appeal.