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Bench shuts down employer strategy to stymie strikes

A FWC full bench has rejected an employer's bid to block protected industrial action, confirming that its invalid notice of employee representational rights didn't knock out a union's protected action ballot application.

FWC backs 25% pay cut after roster change

The FWC has cited Alice in Wonderland in endorsing an employer's right under its enterprise agreement to impose a 25% annual salary reduction on hundreds of fly-in, fly-out rail maintenance workers it shifted from a 14-days-on, seven-days-off roster to a seven-days-on, seven-days-off regime.

Beware of seven-day access "trap"

Employers face rejection of their enterprise deals if they rely on agreement-making information on the FWC's website, according to IR practitioners.

School unlawfully refused entry to inspect documents

An independent Islamic school unlawfully refused entry to union organisers to inspect documents, manipulated employee records and made more fixed-term teaching appointments than permitted under its award, the Federal Court has found.

No redundancy payout for Blackmores manager who abandoned job

A former international manager for listed health products company Blackmores who sought more than $140,000 in compensation has failed to prove his employer dismissed him because of redundancy or that its HR manager and others misled him by claiming he was not entitled to severance pay.

Granting of permit to Westgate organiser a bridge too far: FWC

The AMWU has failed in its bid to obtain an entry permit for an organiser involved in the notorious Westgate Bridge dispute because imposing additional permit conditions would amount to "no more than shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted", says the FWC.

Bid to save "small rainforest" derails labour hire agreement

An FWC presidential member has expressed "wonder" at having to reject an agreement for a major labour hire company that turned the simple process of providing employees with a bargaining representation notice into a "debacle".

Redeployees must be given "meaningful work": Tribunal

The FWC has ruled that a company's enterprise agreement obliges it provide "meaningful work" to redeployees and operates as an exception to the general rule that there is no common law right to be provided with work.