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AMMA asks FWC to correct "errors" in decision

AMMA has asked an FWC presidential member to correct the public record, claiming he was wrong in upbraiding the employer body for its "apparent failure" to inform the Commission about changes to its client's ownership during a good faith bargaining case.

Thiess "manipulated" agreement ballot for project it hadn't won

Mining giant Thiess has had a proposed enterprise agreement knocked back because it was not genuinely agreed, with the FWC finding the company chose the three employees who participated in the ballot to "manipulate" the result.

University seeks to axe agreement

WA's Murdoch University has applied to terminate its enterprise agreement, which the NTEU claims could cut academics' pay by 25% to 40% once they fall back onto underlying awards.

Anglo's strike-triggered redundancies not a GFB breach

The FWC has rejected a union application for a bargaining order, after finding that redundancies triggered by protected industrial action do not necessarily constitute a breach of good faith bargaining obligations.

Purge bargaining to boost APS productivity: Podger

Former Public Service Commissioner Andrew Podger has told a Senate inquiry that getting rid of bargaining altogether in the federal public sector would improve productivity.

DIBP seeks to head off workplace determination by FWC

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will put a new offer to its employees in the wake of the Fair Work Commission's decision to terminate industrial action at airports across the country and move towards arbitration of a new agreement.

FWC grants MSD ballot to Coles meatworkers

The AMIEU is urging more than 2000 Coles meatworkers to vote in favour of bargaining for a dedicated national agreement for the retailer's meat department, warning that if they fail to strike a deal they are "open to further attack by the SDA" and will be unable to achieve reasonable pay rises.

Union gives undertaking to curtail claims about employer

The NTEU's WA branch has avoided a Federal Court injunction by removing and promising not to re-publish a series of statements about bargaining with Murdoch University, but a judge has warned of "potentially serious ramifications" if it reneges.