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ACTU commits to in-house gender equality

The ACTU executive today approved a push to introduce rule changes that require gender equity across all of its elected and executive positions.

Share gender equity responsibility between HR and managers: Report

Responsibility for gender equity strategies should be partially devolved from centralised HR departments to line managers, and training to combat "unconscious bias" in selection processes should be mandated for supervisors and managers, according to a new report on barriers to women's career advancement in higher education.

Teachers' union searching for equal pay case comparator

The IEU has underlined one of the challenges facing initiators of equal pay cases, revealing that three years after it joined United Voice and the AEU in seeking equal remuneration orders for early childhood educators, it is struggling to identify a "comparator" profession.

Tribunal allows headhunter to offer women-only searches

Victoria's Civil and Administrative Tribunal has found an executive search company doesn't need an exemption from equal opportunity laws to conduct its female executive recruitment program, but has used its business as a case study, setting out the steps for other applicants to self-assess whether they are already exempt.

Top 200 more active on gender pay inequity, but have bigger gaps

ASX 200 organisations are "pro-active" in addressing gender-based pay inequity and more likely than smaller companies to address gender pay gaps but they still have a higher pay differential and a fewer women in leadership roles, according to a new WGEA report.

ALP seeks to end "unconscious bias" in recruitment

A Shorten Labor Government would introduce an "anonymous CV" regime for all federal public service graduate and entry-level positions, in a bid to eliminate unconscious gender bias in assessment of job applications.