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"Lying thief" employee was a scapegoat: FWC

An administration manager sacked for being a "lying thief" has been awarded compensation of more than $13,000 after the FWC found instead that she had likely been made a scapegoat for a business's alleged attempt to commit insurance fraud.

HR expert's "incorrect" advice to wife scuttles dismissal claim

A health care clinic manager has failed to persuade the FWC that her HR-expert husband's representative error and the so-called "reverse synergy effect" resulting from her son’s concurrent unfair dismissal claim explained her application arriving 32 days' late.

Employer sacked manager for alleged OHS "extortion"

The FWC has upheld under the small business code the summary dismissal of a manager accused of blackmailing his employer into paying an $85,000 separation package in return for him abandoning a proposed complaint to OHS authorities.

Rework "confusing" small business dismissal code: FWC

A presidential member of the FWC has prodded legislators to revisit "confusing" aspects of the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code in order to deliver on its promise of speeding parties' progress through the unfair dismissal jurisdiction.

Lack of HR expertise costs small employer

"No human resources specialist would have recommended" the manner in which a company dismissed a worker after his "appalling conduct" when he swore in a vulgar way at his boss, the FWC has found.

Lack of HR expertise crucial in restaurant dismissal case

A retiree who took exception to being asked to stay away from the small business he continued to oversee must pay compensation to a manager summarily dismissed for showing disrespect and allegedly whistling while he worked, the FWC has found.

Tribunal backs dismissal for threat to "fix up" boss

An Irish visa worker sacked for threatening his boss has failed to persuade the FWC he meant no harm when he said "I'll fix you up" in a phone call that resulted in his summary dismissal.

FWC accepts six-minutes-late dismissal claim; & more

FWC accepts six-minutes-late dismissal claim; Creative crane driver fails to win job back; FWC member showed no real or apparent bias, says bench; and Tribunal douses smoker's bid to win job back.

Visa worker in "unusual" and "exploitative" arrangement unfairly sacked: FWC

The FWC has found even the "most basic" of HR advice would have avoided the "error laden and unfair" dismissal of a 457 visa holder employed under an exploitative arrangement in which she worked as a motel senior manager on the proviso that her partner toiled for free.

Benevolent, accommodating employer loses dismissal case

An employer that the FWC found had "acted quite benevolently" and had tried to accommodate the needs of a worker suffering health problems has been ordered to pay compensation after mishandling her dismissal.