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FWC orders "covert" bus strike off the road

The FWC has ruled that more than 100 Sydney bus drivers who called in sick on the same day last week were engaged in "covert industrial action" which must be "unequivocally condemned".

Legislation says industrial action "did not happen": Bench

In a significant decision as to what constitutes industrial action, a full Federal Court has found that the legislative framework does not capture instances where a subcontractor's workers down tools with the support of their direct employer.

Union court action challenging docking of workers' pay

A Federal Circuit Court stoush over whether a company lawfully docked the pay of workers for attending a union meeting about on-site asbestos could hinge on whether they faced an "imminent threat" and whether the supervisor who granted permission was authorised.

Judge questions laws on docking pay for unlawful industrial acts

A Federal Court judge has questioned the "wisdom or fairness" of laws requiring employers to subtract four hours' pay for as little as 10 minutes unprotected action, after finding the AWU breached the Fair Work Act when an official asked a BlueScope manager not to dock returning strikers for starting a shift late.

Strike hits Warren Buffett company after FWC go-ahead

The FWC has rejected arguments that the CFMEU engaged in pattern bargaining during negotiations over agreements with two crane operators, clearing the path for indefinite strikes to begin early this morning.

NTEU planning bans, stopworks after deal voted down

Victoria University is trying to head off an NTEU bid for a protected action ballot order, after professional and academic staff voted down by 77% a deal labelled "one of the worst proposals" tabled in the latest tertiary education bargaining round.

Referees brandish strike card

National Rugby League referees are pushing ahead with a protected action ballot in pursuit of a ground-breaking enterprise agreement and greater job security than offered under their current 12-month contracts.

Alcoa strikers spurn offer as termination bid looms

Alcoa says it would welcome an "alternative proposal" from the AWU after striking workers resoundingly rejected its latest offer, but it will not withdraw a bid to terminate the current deal.

Planned court security action "perilous"

The FWC has ordered Broadspectrum's WA court security and transport officers to suspend protected action, finding that banning overtime and ditching uniforms posed a risk to the public, court and hospital staff and the prisoners themselves.

CFMMEU leader guilty of coercion, facing permit threat

A Federal Court finding that CFMMEU construction and general division Queensland branch secretary Michael Ravbar engaged in coercion and adverse action may be raised in future proceedings about his fitness to hold an entry permit.