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AWU took adverse action against oil company: Court

The AWU faces a substantial damages bill after the Federal Court ruled today that the union took adverse action against Esso Australia when its members undertook unprotected industrial action in March, including using the action to coerce Esso into changing its bargaining position.

AiG calls on government to bolster bargaining bill after Esso ruling

The AiG says that the Abbott Government should amend the Fair Work Act to prevent unions from taking industrial action when they are bargaining for "non-permitted" matters, in the wake of a FWC full bench decision on the issue this week.

WA wins power to seek end of damaging industrial action

The Abbott Government has given the WA Government and third parties the power to apply to the Fair Work Commission to suspend or terminate industrial action that is threatening the economy or endangering health and safety.

Lawyers call for new curbs on protected action

A senior IR lawyer has told the HR Nicholls Society the Fair Work Act should be amended to ban protected industrial action that has serious consequences and to remove entirely the rights of high income earners to strike, in a presentation predicting the decline of the MUA's power and influence.