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Backpayments for early-starting working mother

A tribunal has ordered the ACT Government to re-credit more than 200 hours of personal leave to a worker who accused it of discriminating against her on the basis of her parenting responsibilities by refusing to let her start work before 7.30am.

Landmark deal provides "right to disconnect"

Victorian police officers have won a ground-breaking "right to disconnect" clause in their enterprise deal that relieves them of a duty to respond to emails or telephone calls outside their effective working hours.

Employers seeking minimum wage freezes, delays

Employer bodies are asking the FWC's minimum way panel to freeze minimum rates, limit any rises to CPI or to follow last year's precedent and postpone any increases.

Breakfast giant wins right to use external lawyer

The FWC will allow multinational cereal giant Sanitarium to lawyer-up to defend two unfair dismissal claims, noting it is "stressful enough" for an HR manager to be a witness without also representing the company, while its membership of an employer group is irrelevant.

Reinstatement back on the rails after bench ruling

A FWC full bench has rejected a government agency's bid to challenge a coruscating finding on its sacking of a long-serving employee, observing that one of its grounds seemed to be no more than a "complaint" about the member's critical comments.

Class actions still on boil after significant judgments

Adero Law says 14,000 Merivale workers will seek more than $150 million in award safety net payments after a Federal Court finding on the validity of a 2007 deal, while a judge's refusal in a separate class action to order costs against the funder could be a boon for others.

CBA "bribes" helped secure non-union deal: FSU

The FSU is accusing the Commonwealth Bank of using "bribes" and threats to cram a non-union deal down workers' throats after staff voted it up despite strong opposition.

FWC shoots down COVID-19 "one employer policy"

The FWC has shot down an aged care home's "one employer policy" introduced in the chaotic early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, ordering it to re-engage a part-time musical therapist jettisoned after she continued to work at three other facilities.