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Casuals' hours need not be predictable to be regular: Bench

An FWC full bench has emphasised that the pattern of a casual's hours need not be consistent or predictable for their work to be regular and systematic, clearing the way for a full-time worker first engaged as a casual to file an unfair dismissal claim.

Police officer's side hustle reason to lose confidence: Bench

A tribunal full bench has upheld a former senior constable's removal from the force after he become embroiled in criminal and integrity matters arising from his involvement in a bakery business, finding the police commissioner entitled to lose confidence in his honesty.

"If only her solicitor had been as diligent": Bench

An FWC bench has on the basis of representative error allowed a late unfair dismissal application after noting how thoroughly the employee pursued her claim, remarking "if only her solicitor had been as diligent".

Bench partially upholds disbarred lawyer's appeal

An FWC full bench has held that it is not empowered to rule on a disbarred lawyer's claim that a senior member is unfit to hold office, but has remitted his unfair dismissal case to another member after finding he was denied procedural fairness.

Award severance clause trumps incapacity provision: Bench

An FWC full bench has quashed a decision to reduce a $12,000 retrenchment payout to zero, ruling that the Fair Work Act's "incapacity to pay" provisions don't apply when the entitlement arises from a source such as an award.

FWC "misconstrued" approach to general protections cases: Full court

In a significant decision unsettling the FWC's approach to general protections applications, a full Federal Court has ruled that a Commission bench "misconstrued" limitations on the tribunal's powers to first establish whether workers have been dismissed before considering such matters.

Prison officer's "takedown" not excessive: Bench

A prison officer has successfully challenged a finding that he was fairly dismissed for using excessive force on a prisoner with a psychiatric illness, an FWC full bench holding that Victoria's Department of Justice lacked a valid reason.

Costs a matter of interpretation: Court

A labour hire company has failed to win costs against an unrepresented worker who pursued his unfair dismissal claim through four adverse findings in the FWC and Federal Court, a judge ruling that the employer didn't help its cause by declining to provide an interpreter and by filing confusing and irrelevant material.

Court upholds young doctor's sacking for breaching boundaries

While acknowledging the potentially "considerable" impact on a probationary doctor's career, the Federal Court has on appeal rejected that her bullying complaints were the real reason for her sacking, rather than her breach of professional boundaries and directions on confidentiality.