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Federal Court to decide whether BOOT on state or federal footing

A full Federal Court will in August hear an application from Queensland employers facing millions of dollars in backpay claims following a full FWC bench decision that apprentices' pay should be measured against the more generous federal award rather than the state award when conducting the BOOT.

Penalty rate cuts in a spin after series of backflips

Two important minor parties – the Nick Xenophon Team and Pauline Hanson's One Nation – have reversed their support for cutting penalty rates in the retail and hospitality sectors.

ACTU seeks 6.7% minimum wage rise

The ACTU is asking the FWC for a $45 a week or 6.7% increase in the national minimum wage, as it begins a push under its fresh leadership to lift minimum rates towards a new benchmark against average weekly earnings.

Court decides whether worker a priest or a cook

After what the FWO says is the first judicial review of one of its compliance notices, the Federal Circuit Court has found that a cook engaged at a Hindu temple was underpaid because he was wrongly classified as a priest under his employment contract.

Owner-drivers hail new transport industry rates determination

NSW owner-drivers and contractors have lauded the finalisation of new transport industry rates and conditions after the NSWIRC approved the updating and geographical expansion of 'contracts of carriage' that had not been reviewed in more than 30 years.