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Inquiry implores Cash to "heal the wounds of division" in APS

A Senate inquiry has urged Public Service Minister Michaelia Cash to intervene in the federal public sector bargaining dispute and soften the "intransigent" Coalition's "brutally hard-line" bargaining policy by relaxing the 2% wages cap and removing the prohibition on backpay, but Government senators have flatly rejected the recommendations.

FWC GM's probe targets former AWU leader

The Fair Work Commission's new investigation into the AWU's Victorian branch and its former secretary, Cesar Melhem, will extend to the notorious Cleanevent enterprise agreement.

FWC defends its turf as union seeks review of agreement documents

The FWC has knocked out United Voice's bid to review copies of documents supporting an enterprise agreement application it suspected of "undercutting" employees' conditions and not being genuinely agreed, observing the union was trying to do the Commission's job.

Equal pay claim seeks to use metalworkers as benchmark

Employers are opposing a union bid for the FWC to make a preliminary ruling on whether metalworkers are a suitable comparator in their equal pay claim for early childhood workers, while the federal government says it is still in the dark on the detail of the application.

Code can trigger re-negotiation of construction major's deal

Lendlease has struck a new multi-state enterprise agreement with the CFMEU that will deliver pay rises of 20% over four years and provides for a new deal to be negotiated if the Turnbull Government's 2014 construction code takes effect.

New ABC enterprise deal riles Government

The Turnbull Government has accused ABC management of breaching the public sector bargaining policy, expressing "utmost concern" after a new enterprise agreement covering 5000 employees was voted up this week.

Labour hire managers fined for concealing $130,000 in unlawful deductions

A director who appears to be operating a "phoenix" labour hire company and his former HR manager have been penalised $25,000 for their knowing involvement in unlawfully deducting $130,000 from the wages of 102 Crown Casino and Federation Square cleaners and providing false records to the FWO.

FWC weighs up the merits of "soft" and "hard" minimum pay targets

An FWC panel has asked whether medium term minimum wage "guidance targets" could provide the predictability of firmer targets but has acknowledged that unions might be concerned the latter will "bump up" against the legislation.