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No guaranteed pay rises in Mt Isa Mines agreement

The Fair Work Commission has approved a new four-year enterprise agreement for Mount Isa Mines that doesn't provide employees with annual pay increases, instead leaving them to the discretion of management.

Employers seek simplified conditions for micro businesses

The NSW Business Chamber has formally applied for the Fair Work Commission to introduce new rules in modern awards covering more than 500,000 micro businesses that employ fewer than five workers.

Coles clears another hurdle to single retail deal

Coles Supermarkets is a step closer to putting to ballot a single retail deal covering 80,000 workers, after the Fair Work Commission comprehensively rejected a TWU scope order application for online delivery drivers, finding they were an "integrated and integral part" of the company's retail operations.

Change Act to open way for penalty rate reduction: Restaurants

The former Labor Government's changes to the modern award objective have made it impossible for 24/7 industries such as hospitality to successfully prosecute cases to abolish penalty rates and should be scrapped, according to the peak body for restaurant employers.

Abolish wage discounts for over-18s: Small business advocate

The Office of the Australian Small Business Commissioner is pushing for the full adult wage to be paid from the age of 18, questioning the rationale behind the IR system "deeming adulthood to commence at 21".

ACTU to ask for dollop of super on minimum wage increase

The ACTU will ask the Fair Work Commission for an extra 0.5% in award superannuation to compensate for the Abbott Government's freezing of Labor's scheduled increases to the guarantee levy, in its submission to this year's annual wage review to be lodged on Friday.

Abbott increases ADF pay

In his second major backdown on Australian Defence Force personnel pay and conditions, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has bumped up from 1.5% to an above-inflation 2% the annual wage increases payable under their three-year agreement.

UK minimum wage body recommends 3% rise

Relying on improved economic and labour market conditions, the UK's Low Pay Commission has recommended that the Cameron Government increase Britain's minimum wage by 3%, well in excess of the forecast inflation rate.

ANZ makes "take it or leave it" offer

The ANZ bank has offered annual pay rises of between 3.75% to 5.25% over two years if employees accept a new enterprise agreement, while threatening to pay a single annual increase of between 3% to 4.5% if it is rejected.