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Flying kangaroo again rewards employees for freezing pay

Qantas will pay $75m in cash bonuses to up to 25,000 employees on the back of a record $1 billion net profit, but some workers covered by the largest aviation unions won't be rewarded until they finalise new enterprise deals that include an 18-month pay freeze.

Unpaid, unfed ship crew stranded off Queensland coast

Australian authorities are seeking assurances that the owners and operators of a coal carrier detained off the Queensland coast will pay the wages of about 20 crew and give them enough provisions for their journey to China.

Private sector wage growth hits new sub-2% low

Growth in rates of pay excluding bonuses are now firmly below 2% for the first time since the ABS began compiling the Wage Price Index nearly 20 years ago.

Road freight group warns of history repeating over rates exemption

A road freight group is warning it does not want a repeat of the abolished Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, as it faces a court challenge to its bid to have members exempted from legislation extending minimum rates for owner-drivers and contractors throughout NSW.

CBA offers 3% pay rise as staff costs outstrip profit growth

Today's CBA announcement revealing that labour costs rose 6% in FY2016 while the group's statutory net profit only rose 2% has coincided with a 3% pay rise offer to staff, and a commitment to de-link pay from performance targets.

Construction code appropriated to cut pay: AWU

The AWU has accused the FWBC and a heavy equipment supplier of using the national construction code as a "Trojan horse" to cut pay and condition of workers outside the building industry.

Union's sidelining within rules: FWC

A big marine service provider has had a win against the MUA in the deadlocked bargaining round covering offshore oil and gas service vessels, which began in December 2012.

FAAA lauds "exceptional" 15% pay rise proposal

The Flight Attendants' Association of Australia is recommending Virgin's long-haul cabin crew endorse a new deal offering a 15% pay rise over four years and an immediate 7.5% increase for those on the top salary band.