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High Court grants special leave to challenge "agreed penalty" ruling

The High Court has granted special leave for the federal government, the CFMEU and the CEPU to challenge a full Federal Court judgment that effectively stops the FWO and FWBC from continuing their practice of providing "agreed" penalty ranges to courts.

Federal Court's Gordon appointed to High Court

The Abbott Government has appointed to the High Court the Federal Court judge Michelle Gordon, who last month was part of a full bench that struck down the Coalition's attempt to exclude foreign workers on offshore resources projects from Australian labour standards.

Judge scathing of barrister in adverse action case

A Federal Circuit Court judge has slammed a barrister who said she was too "busy" to file written submissions in an adverse action case, criticising her conduct as "contemptuous" of his orders and "discourteous" to the court. He also said her involvement in another case might require investigation by "relevant authorities".

"Inconsistency" no basis for new appeal mechanism: Ross

There is "no substance" to the claims of inconsistent FWC decision-making that have underpinned calls for an independent appeal mechanism, according to the tribunal's president, Justice Iain Ross.

Michael Williamson in custody

Former HSU East secretary Michael Williamson has had his bail revoked and is in custody following a sentencing hearing in Sydney today.