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Tribunal clarifies definition of "emergency" carer's leave

After revoking a finding that a worker was entitled to carer's leave as his mother could not look after his children due to COVID-19 concerns, the FWC has found he met the bar for only one day and can "split the different" on repaying the rest.

Praise for employer's patience in matter beyond "King Solomon"

In what stands as a lesson in managing employees with deeply-held grievances, a senior tribunal member has commended a large employer's HR department for its patience in trying to accommodate a "very difficult" worker before his dismissal.

Church caretaker's sham contracting claim after denied JobKeeper

A church caretaker who asked why he was left out of JobKeeper is suing its vicar and executive for sham contracting, alleging they tried to reframe his employment and sacked him when he failed to sign an independent contract.

Virgin workforce backs some deals, rejects others

While Virgin workers have voted up five new agreements, pilots' overwhelming rejection of a Virgin Australia deal is the largest VIPA has seen and cabin crew's 70% "no" vote comes despite the FAAA telling members it was the best that could be achieved.

Qantas says ruling confirms ATO's JobKeeper advice

Qantas has welcomed today's full Federal Court majority ruling in the Jobkeeper Case, saying it made the wage subsidy payments to employees in accordance with ATO advice.

ATO flouted agreement's WFH regime: Union

The ASU is challenging the ATO's COVID-19 emergency work-from-home arrangements and its ability to quickly call employees back to the office, accusing it in a Federal Court adverse action case of breaching the terms of its agreement.

Appeal judges back Qantas JobKeeper interpretation

A full Federal Court majority has found Qantas had no obligation to pay more than the JobKeeper wage subsidy to employees who claimed an entitlement to penalty rates in arrears.

AWU seeks to axe horticulture pieceworker "loophole"

The AWU is seeking to delete a decade-old pieceworker provision in the horticulture award that it claims leaves affected workers with no safety net and substandard rates of pay.

Employer demands FWC retract carpeting of IR manager

Security company Prosegur has asked the FWC to withdraw "unwarranted" criticism of its national workplace relations manager's conduct at a hearing, contained in an unfair dismissal decision that also advises him to play a more active role in performance management and sackings.

Casual's LSL not double-dipping: Tribunal

A casual flight attendant with more than 10 years in the job has won more than $8,000 in long service leave entitlements after the Queensland IRC rejected the employer's claim that she was "double-dipping" because a casual loading in a federal agreement displaced LSL obligations.