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Post-Budget, Canberra urging caution on wages

The Abbott Government has urged the Fair Work Commission to take a "cautious approach" in this year's minimum wage review due to below-trend GDP growth and a slower than expected recovery in non-mining sectors, while the ACTU says the small business measures in the Budget "dramatically improve the affordability" of pay rises in the award-reliant sector.

No guaranteed pay rises in Mt Isa Mines agreement

The Fair Work Commission has approved a new four-year enterprise agreement for Mount Isa Mines that doesn't provide employees with annual pay increases, instead leaving them to the discretion of management.

ACTU to ask for dollop of super on minimum wage increase

The ACTU will ask the Fair Work Commission for an extra 0.5% in award superannuation to compensate for the Abbott Government's freezing of Labor's scheduled increases to the guarantee levy, in its submission to this year's annual wage review to be lodged on Friday.

Abbott increases ADF pay

In his second major backdown on Australian Defence Force personnel pay and conditions, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has bumped up from 1.5% to an above-inflation 2% the annual wage increases payable under their three-year agreement.

Partial pay freeze, jobs saved, under Qantas-ALAEA agreement

They reached their last bargaining deal only after a bloody industrial battle that culminated in a fleet grounding, but this time round Qantas and the ALAEA have struck an in-principle agreement without disputation that delivers each side some significant wins - including the reversal of redundancies and a partial pay-freeze.

Pay freeze better than no job: Abetz

Employment Minister Eric Abetz has declared that a frozen wage is better than no job, while refusing to comment on pay freeze deals being struck by individual employers.

Tasmania legislates post-winter freeze for public servants

Tasmania's Hodgman Government has introduced draft legislation for its proposal to impose a 12-month freeze on the wages and incremental increases of the state's 24,000 public servants and remove the State IRC's power to award future pay increases above a 2% Government-set cap.

FSU to seek NAB performance pay flow-on

The FSU will push to flow on changes in performance pay agreed with the National Australia Bank into upcoming bargaining grounds at the other three big banks.

NSW wages cap includes super, appeal court rules

The NSW Government has had a victory in its long-running battle to include compulsory superannuation increases within the public sector 2.5% wage cap, after the State's Court of Appeal quashed last year's IRC ruling that the wages cap only applied to Commission-awarded increases.

Queensland public service employees get pay rise on eve of court challenge

Queensland public servants will receive three 2.2% wage increases between now and December 2015, as a result of a Newman Government ministerial directive issued days before the Queensland Supreme Court was due to hear the government's appeal against an Industrial Court ruling on an interim pay increase.