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Union gives undertaking to curtail claims about employer

The NTEU's WA branch has avoided a Federal Court injunction by removing and promising not to re-publish a series of statements about bargaining with Murdoch University, but a judge has warned of "potentially serious ramifications" if it reneges.

Bench lambasts bargaining parties over "selective" communications

An FWC full bench has taken a swipe at WA universities over actions that might have "substantially invited" a failed NTEU appeal, while the union says the employer's latest court action is seeking to hold its divisional secretary and an industrial officer personally liable for allegedly false or misleading bargaining campaign materials.

Union stares down legal threat over bargaining campaign materials

Murdoch University and the NTEU are at loggerheads over the content of a protected action ballot application and the union's refusal to withdraw enterprise bargaining campaign videos and materials, despite the employer's threats of legal action.

CPSU proceedings seeking to flush Cash out

The CPSU has until 4pm today to file material on whether the FWC has the power to make good faith bargaining orders against Employment Minister Michaelia Cash, as it prepares for a mass public service strike next week.

FWC makes scope order after unions divide

The FWC has granted the ASU's scope order application for three agreements after a "long and contested" disagreement over the issue between a Brisbane water company and unions.

Nurses win exemption from wages cap

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation says it has locked in an additional 1% annual hike on top of the South Australian government's proposed 1.5% public sector pay cap, amid concerns about the creation of a "two-tiered" public service.

Patrick pulls back on bargaining orders bid

Patrick Stevedores has discontinued its application for bargaining orders against the MUA after the parties agreed to further negotiations.