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Law changes to pressure employers over mental health

The ACTU says a decision by federal and state WHS ministers to regulate psychosocial hazards will obligate employers to eliminate mental health risks, but has bemoaned their failure to support national industrial manslaughter laws as a "missed opportunity".

Beef with CEO not political, says cattleman association

An employer body has hit back at a former chief executive suing over alleged political discrimination, claiming the real trigger for his sacking was his refusal to work with an incoming president.

Harassment case fails for lack of proof over lewd texts

In a case affirming that the onus of proof lies with the accuser in harassment cases, a court has thrown out a mechanic's claim seeking $160,000 compensation after finding insufficient evidence that his alleged employer was responsible for sending lewd and suggestive texts.

FWC presidential member "descended into the arena": Bench

An FWC full bench has quashed the decisions of a presidential member who refused to recuse himself before finding Regional Express executives bullied an engineer, holding he mistook legal principles and engaged in "entirely unjustified and inappropriate criticism".

Full court backs permanent stay on lawyer's discrimination claim

A full Federal Court has today upheld a permanent stay on an openly gay solicitor's discrimination and harassment case, after he refused to undergo a psychiatric examination paid for by his firm and performed by a specialist of its choosing.

Budget's "missed opportunity" to tackle workplace harassment

The Morrison Government has stopped short of providing significant funding for working women's centres offering specialist advice on workplace harassment, despite recently expressing support for them in its response to the Respect@Work report.

Sacking justified after Facebook posts: FWC

The FWC has upheld the sacking of a finance broker who posted sexually-explicit Facebook memes, including one featuring a colleague after seeking her permission, finding a "robust" and sub-par workplace culture did not make his ousting unfair.

$200,000 for worker mortified by poster

A tribunal in awarding a former Sydney Water worker $200,000 damages has factored in a "weasel worded" apology issued by the consultancy responsible for using her image in a "Feel great - lubricate!" safety campaign.

Berejiklian backs Goward anti-harassment recommendations

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has promised to act on a report that found the protections for State ministerial staff against bullying and harassment are "unclear, ineffective and inadequate".

Ex-CEO accuses employer body of political opinion bias

The new office manager for the Country Liberal Party's NT senator is suing the state's Cattlemen's Association for ousting him from his previous role as its chief executive, accusing it of discriminating against him because of his political opinion.