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Pronouns complainant sacked for performance shortfall: Employer

A Headspace counselling service has hit back at a clinician's Federal Circuit Court claims that it put them on administrative duties and sacked them for exercising their rights after they accused a colleague of botching a client's personal pronouns.

Sacked for "he, she, they, whatever" complaint, worker claims

A clinician who complained of disregard for a transgender client's personal pronouns is suing a Headspace counselling service for allegedly putting them on administrative tasks and sacking them for exercising their workplace rights.

Employer's appeal slashes big payout to former manager

A manager unfairly accused of being a "malingerer" has had his near-$900,000 unlawful sacking payout slashed on appeal, a judge finding the original ruling contained enough errors to reduce the figure but stopping short of ordering a retrial.

"Sacked for seeking pay rise": Telstra manager

A former Telstra marketing manager who claims he was helping the telco drive its expansion into the gas and electricity retail market is suing it for more than $550,000 in an adverse action case alleging it sacked him for seeking a pay rise.

Bridge too far: ABCC targets Queensland project

The ABCC has warned contractors that they could contravene the BCIIP Act and the national construction code if they pay heed to Queensland Government procurement principles that apply to tenders for a $200m freeway bridge project.

"We stab people in the front, not the back": Sacked lawyer's claim

The managing director of an ASX-listed wealth management company allegedly directed his gaze to a whistleblowing employee during a staff meeting and said that "we stab [people] in the front", not the back, according to an adverse action claim filed in the Federal Court.

Court rejects indemnity costs bid

The Federal Court has today ordered party-party costs, after rejecting a bid for indemnity costs, against a self-represented former World Vision employee who pursued a general protections case with no prospects of success.

Say sorry to former Post boss: Inquiry

Former Australia Post chief executive and managing director Christine Holgate is owed an apology for being denied procedural fairness and natural justice when she parted ways with the organisation, according to a Senate inquiry.

Invoicing no proof worker was a contractor, says FWC

A pick-a-box promoter working two-hour shifts was an employee capable of being dismissed despite being paid on the basis of "periodic" invoices that included her ABN, the FWC has held.

Bank exec claims sacking followed compliance fears

A former Westpac risk executive is suing the bank for more than $3 million in an adverse action case claiming it held her accountable for anti-hawking shortcomings and sacked her after she took her compliance concerns to the top.