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Tribunal secures temporary waterfront peace deal

The FWC has brokered a three-month truce between DP World Australia and the CFMMEU's MUA division under which the parties will resume bargaining and adopt a "neutral media stance".

Vodka and lie justified flight attendant's sacking: FWC

An experienced Qantas flight attendant who surreptitiously downed a quarter of a bottle of vodka on an 11-hour flight has failed to overturn her dismissal, with the FWC agreeing with the airline that she breached critical safety standards before trying to lie her way out of trouble.

Deputy seeking to topple Together Queensland leader

After 17 years as leader of Together Queensland and its predecessor the QPSU, Alex Scott is facing a challenge from his deputy Irene Monro, who along with a former deputy has been seeking answers as to why some employees' and officials' emails had allegedly been systematically monitored by the union before and after a 2015 merger.

Whistleblowers broke the code, says CFMMEU

The CFMMEU's code of conduct requiring officers to "publicly defend" colleagues, refrain from casting aspersions and deal with all concerns internally forms the basis of the union's defence in a court case involving two former organisers who claim they were ousted for whistleblowing in a media interview.

"Two Longs" case headed to High Court; Hanna appeal; & more

"Two Longs" case headed to High Court; Hanna to appeal document destruction finding; United Voice's "massive" penalty rates campaign; Australia Post compensation claims deliberately slowed: Investigation.

Union challenges FEG calculations for misclassified worker

The CFMMEU is challenging a finding that casual loading paid to a wrongly classified employee could be offset against his Fair Entitlements Guarantee claim when the company went bust, arguing that his contract of employment used for the calculations is "unlawful and/or against public policy".

Budget funds labour hire scheme, crackdown on sham contracting

The Morrison Government in this year's Budget has allocated almost $27 million over four years to establish a national labour hire registration scheme and funded a dedicated sham contracting unit within the Fair Work Ombudsman.

FIFO workers mental health code launched

Australia's first code of practice addressing the mental health of FIFO workers has been introduced by Western Australia's McGowan Government.

No napping when it comes to new workforces: James

Employers should pay close attention to their "extended workforce" before being forced to do so by increased regulation and public scrutiny, according to former Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James.