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February 1 D-Day for IR change: Porter

IR Minister Christian Porter has today set a target of February 1 next year for key IR changes the Government hopes the working groups will achieve, coinciding with minimum wage rises taking effect for the "group three" sectors most affected by the coronavirus crisis.

FWC backs JobKeeper direction for higher casual hours

The FWC has found it reasonable to issue JobKeeper-enabling directions for some casuals to perform more than their pre-COVID-19 hours, after Prosegur required armoured vehicle operators to work a minimum of 25 hours a week.

$62K fine for "brilliant", underpaying inventor

A judge has imposed low-range penalties on an underpaying entrepreneur and his companies after observing that with his business in ruins, the fines' only effect would be "to make the rubble bounce".

Sub-inflation coronavirus rise in minimum pay

In its first split decision in 23 years, the FWC's minimum wage panel has increased all modern award rates of pay by a modest 1.75%, in recognition of the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and has set differential start dates between July this year and February next year.

Employer "lie" no basis to reinstate claim: FWC

The FWC has refused to relist a worker's unfair dismissal application despite his claim he withdrew it only after his former employer reneged on an assurance he would be provided with a separation certificate to his liking.

Newsflash: Minimum wage decision tomorrow

The FWC will tomorrow bring down its much-anticipated decision in this year's minimum wage review, with employers calling for a pay freeze due to the pandemic's impact on business and unions arguing for a 4% rise to stimulate the economy.

Employsure denies 'fair work' search result misleading

In court hearings that started this week into ACCC allegations that Employsure misled businesses into thinking it is associated with the FWO or the FWC, the employment advice provider is refuting claims it trapped them in unfair contracts.

Frozen shoulder and bad back real reasons for sacking: Scientist

A cancer researcher and senior lecturer is suing a university for nearly $750,000 plus maximum penalties, alleging it performance-managed and sacked her because she took leave due to injuries and accused it of failing to accommodate her disability.