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"People like you can't get pregnant" remark justified sacking

The FWC has upheld the dismissal of an Energy Australia employee who told one colleague she could not get pregnant due to her sexuality and suggested to another that he was related to Deepak Chopra because of his Indian descent.

Super-union debuts; Bench scuttles offshore deal; & more

NUW deregistered, UWU out of the blocks; Wrong rate claim sinks offshore deal, Bench rules; Google no answer to getting dismissal right; and Cop's bid for early long service leave rejected.

Employer sensibly hedged bets with secretive deals, says FWC

The FWC has held that a construction giant did not breach good faith bargaining requirements by secretly making two greenfields deals with the AWU without telling other unions who believed they were jointly negotiating a project agreement.

"Management in Australia's not very good": Hamberger

One of the architects of the Howard Government's 1996 industrial laws, Jonathan Hamberger, wants to see further change in Australian workplaces, but no longer believes legislation is the key.

Tribunal's wings not clipped by Chairman's Lounge membership

A senior FWC member has declined to recuse himself from a case involving Qantas, rejecting suggestions that he could be compromised by his enjoyment of the many perks that come with access to the airline's invitation-only Chairman's Lounge.

"Unidentifiable" consequences help post-midnight claim proceed

In a decision that potentially moves the dial on how much the 21-day deadline for unfair dismissal claims can be stretched, the FWC has in discerning no practical consequences granted an extension to a worker who lodged their form 29 minutes after midnight on a Friday.

Deleting NERR's union references "herded" employees: FWC

A large employer's decision to excise union references from its representational rights notice has scuppered its proposed agreement, the FWC observing that employees were effectively being "herded" towards two colleagues who had negotiated the previous deal.

Bench rejects Minister's review of 'discriminatory' deal

An FWC full bench has rejected IR Minister Christian Porter's bid to review an already-approved agreement on the basis that it contains discriminatory terms, while it has allowed changes "entirely disposing" of any lingering ambiguities.