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FWC replaces entry permit, despite "lack of diligence" in losing old one

The FWC has issued a new entry permit to a CFMEU official despite his "serious lack of diligence" in misplacing his old one, while it has granted a fresh permit to another of the union's officials – a former acting national secretary of the FSU - after finding it need not "rigidly apply" a general rule that applicants have completed entry training within the previous three months.

Full court allows discussions in dragline's crib room

A full Federal Court has upheld the CFMEU's right to hold discussions in the crib room of a coal mine dragline, after rejecting BHP Coal's bid for a narrow interpretation of the Fair Work Act.

Dressing-down from wife fails to save CFMEU official's entry permit

In continuing fallout from an unlawful CFMEU visit to two Adelaide construction sites in 2013, the FWC has refused to renew a veteran organiser's entry permit, despite union claims that he wouldn't re-offend after being "chastised" by his wife for his actions.

Metcher entry permit case pre-empted by retirement

Veteran CEPU leader Jim Metcher has retired after a union-commissioned investigation found that he should have disclosed legal proceedings related to domestic violence allegations in 2009.

FWC orders Australia Post to produce Metcher report

The FWC has ordered Australia Post to allow Employment Minister Michaelia Cash to inspect the report of a confidential investigation into an employee's allegations against former CEPU leader Jim Metcher, after rejecting claims the document is privileged.

Harkins a fit and proper person, FWC rules

The FWC has issued former Tasmanian union peak body leader Kevin Harkins an entry permit, despite his "serious" past contraventions, after finding it is not the Commission's role to punish individuals for past wrongdoing.

FWC lacks power to hear entry dispute: Bench

An FWC full bench has accused the CFMEU of seeking to "disguise" what would be an exercise of judicial power over entry rights as an administrative matter and of relying on a "red herring" argument.

FWC issues entry permit to MUA's Cain

The FWC has granted MUA WA branch secretary Chris Cain a new entry permit but has warned that any breaches would undermine his credibility, making it "extraordinarily difficult" for him to continue to be deemed a "fit and proper" person.