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Furlong appointed FWC general manager

Former FWC delegate Murray Furlong has today been appointed general manager of the Commission, replacing Bernadette O'Neill.

Flexible arrangement ultimately untenable for employer: FWC

The FWC has upheld a construction company's dismissal of a receptionist who juggled work with caring for a grandson with special needs, finding the small business was "exceptionally flexible and considerate" but the situation became untenable.

Pistol club returns fire over manager's underpayment claims

A pistol club accused of underpaying a manager for more than a decade and threatening to sack and evict her when she sought her full entitlements is claiming that she was largely a volunteer who worked "minimal" hours to preserve her welfare payments, despite being named as manager on its website.

Fast-growing "Red Unions" capitalising on vax mandate fears

A Queensland-based operation that establishes and runs incorporated associations to compete with registered unions is looking to tap into public unease over workplace vaccination mandates to grow their membership nationally.

FWC snarls at Unfair Dismissal Australia's "all bark, no bite" model

The FWC has awarded costs against IR advisor Unfair Dismissals Australia for its "delinquent" representation of a dismissed accountant, observing that a paid agent "should never be a bystander or passenger in the conduct of their client’s case".

Bullying ruling exposes flaws on both sides

In an "unusual" case against a senior HR officer and an operations manager accused of bullying an area manager who "over-reacted" to a restructure, the FWC says it will close the matter if all agree to a host of recommendations or it will seek more evidence to continue the case.

2.9% first year minimum rise in RBA deal

The RBA says it new enterprise deal complies with the public sector pay cap in the Federal Government's workplace bargaining policy, despite delivering a guaranteed pay rise of 2.9% in the first year and what is likely to be about 4% in the second year.