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FWC warns FSU not to share bullying complaint with national executive

The FSU's national executive "intervened" to stymie national secretary Fiona Jordan's plan to engage an external investigator to examine a senior industrial officer's bullying complaint against assistant national secretary Geoff Derrick, a FWC decision has revealed.

Exemption seeks to help women lawyers to reach Bar

An exemption to permit South Australia's courts to engage women-only in a "positive discrimination" program is being touted as an important step to address a substantial gender imbalance spotlighted a year ago by a Law Council study.

Mother resuming work to get full pay, after FWC ruling

Australia's largest rail freight operator, Aurizon, has been ordered to provide the full pro-rata rate of pay to a train driver who was to receive a reduced amount under a compassionate grounds/short-term medical disability clause when she returned part-time from maternity leave.

Bench spikes challenge from sacked Qantas pilot

A FWC full bench has rejected a sacked Qantas pilot's argument that spiking of his drink meant he couldn't be held responsible for s-xually assaulting a female flight crew member during a stopover in Chile.

Court penalises employer for adverse action due to mental condition

A court has accepted that a transport company made an ill employee's position redundant as part of a genuine restructure, but found it took unlawful adverse action when it detrimentally altered her position because of her mental condition.

Full bench upholds "no bullying" finding

A senior public servant has lost his challenge to a Fair Work Commission finding that his department was performance-managing rather than bullying him.