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FSU to seek NAB performance pay flow-on

The FSU will push to flow on changes in performance pay agreed with the National Australia Bank into upcoming bargaining grounds at the other three big banks.

FWC carpets advocate over "prevarication"

The Fair Work Commission has criticised an employer representative who filed a draft enterprise agreement for approval without sufficient evidence that it had been seen or approved by employees, saying her explanations about the deficiencies "could at best be described as prevarication".

FWC rejects bid to modernise enterprise award

The Fair Work Commission has rejected another employer application to create a modern enterprise award rather than be bound by a sector-wide modern award.

FWC scraps junior rates for 20-year-old retail workers

In a significant decision, a Fair Work Commission full bench has agreed to scrap the 90% rate for 20-year-old retail workers, holding they should receive full adult pay after six months with an employer.

Qantas unions fly to Canberra to oppose Sale Act

ACTU secretary Dave Oliver will lead a union delegation to Canberra tomorrow to step up political lobbying over the Abbott government's legislation to change the Qantas Sale Act.

Repeat abuser loses dismissal case

The Fair Work Commission has rejected an unfair dismissal claim by an overweight forklift driver after it found he had abused his managers after having received a final written warning for similar behaviour six months earlier.

Gifts to non-strikers not adverse action, court rules

The Federal Court has ruled that two related door manufacturers who provided gift vouchers to non-striking workers did not take adverse action against workers who took protected industrial action in support of a new agreement.