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Noonan pushes back against Lambie call to eject Setka

The CFMMEU will not be pushed into "trying to appease people" such as Senator Jacqui Lambie by ousting Victorian construction secretary John Setka, according to one of the union's senior leaders.

Don't hand benefit fund regulation to ROC, says Burke

The Coalition should not make the "discredited and politicised" ROC the regulator of workers' entitlement funds, noting that even the Heydon Royal Commission didn't recommend going down that track, Shadow IR Minister Tony Burke told Parliament this week in his response to the "proper use of benefits" legislation.

Pickers win settlement as labour hire company again digs deep

The labour hire company that last year laid out $150,000 to settle an underpayments claim brought by five fruit pickers has settled another case on behalf of more than 20 workers with "acceptable monetary terms" and the right to return to work.

Workshop to show employers how to "tear up" restrictive deals

Unions have hit out at an employer workshop on taking advantage of the Victorian union movement while it is "on the back foot" by tearing up restrictive clauses and legacy issues negotiated when they reputedly "held all the cards".

Bundy deceit justifies sacking, says FWC

The FWC has upheld the dismissal of an armoured vehicle operator who admitted that he might not have persevered with his case had his employer granted earlier access to "quite damning" CCTV footage

ROC launches inquiry into MBA Victoria

The Registered Organisations Commission has begun into an inquiry in the Master Builders Association of Victoria that will examine its record-keeping and the conduct of its 2018 elections.

No link between social media accounts and job: Folau

Representative rugby union player Israel Folau will argue that he maintained social media accounts wholly disconnected from his employment to communicate religious content, according to his Federal Circuit Court action, which claims that his sacking breached religious protections in the Fair Work Act.

New ALP senator promises to regulate the disrupters

Labor Senator and former TWU national secretary Tony Sheldon has pledged to use his new role to "disrupt the disrupters" by regulating online commerce, while extending superannuation to gig economy workers.

FWC backs sacking for threat to "bring down" managers

The FWC has upheld Great Southern Rail's sacking of a hospitality worker for serious misconduct, finding he threatened two managers with repeated outbursts of verbal abuse that left them feeling "shaken and unsafe".