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FWC slams "disgraceful" sacking by boss who preferred Asian workers

A supermarket owner who texted a veteran casual shop assistant who missed a shift to say he gave her job to someone else was waiting for a reason to sack her as he preferred workers from Asian-speaking backgrounds, the FWC has held.

Oil giant maintains push to axe deal

Esso Australia is appealing the FWC's refusal to terminate the agreement for its Bass Strait oil and gas operations, arguing the tribunal denied it procedural fairness.

Vale Jim Macken; and more

Vale, James (Jim) Macken; Justice Bromberg to host IR law forum; and Baptist Church cleared of victimising worker over marriage equality petition.

Rebel retail union opposing fast food deal

The SDA has hit back at claims by RAFFWU that a Hungry Jack's deal awaiting approval in the FWC is the worst since the unregistered union's inception, rejecting contentions that it tries to "casualise part-time work" and denies workers a choice of super fund without paying enough to leave them better off.

FWO seeks to take piecework case to High Court

The Fair Work Ombudsman will seek special leave from the High Court to appeal a full Federal Court ruling on whether hundreds of casual mushroom workers on non-compliant piecework agreements are entitled by default to be paid hourly rates under the horticultural award.

Employer ordered to reinstate "pain inflicting" firefighter

A tribunal has reinstated a long-serving emergency services worker sacked for using "pain stimuli" on recruits during training, after it found his largely unblemished work history outweighed his misconduct.

Esso slashes damages claim against AWU

The AWU says that Esso Australia has slashed the size of a compensation claim over unprotected industrial action in 2015 from $54 million to about $8.6 million.

Male safety manager says Bluescope gender-biased

Bluescope Steel's former OHS manager is suing the company over its decision to appoint a female health and safety vice president, alleging it took discriminatory adverse action by refusing him the position because of his gender.