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PPL changes will increase complexity and cost for employers: ACCI

Employers are likely to maintain their own paid parental leave schemes even if the Abbott Government's proposed Bill to prevent so-called parent "double-dipping" into government and employer-funded schemes becomes law, according to a key employer group.

Heydon seeks views on adopting US RICO regime

The Heydon Royal Commission has today asked for further submissions on the introduction of US-style anti-racketeering laws "to combat unlawful activities" in the construction industry, while noting it would constitute "a significant step requiring detailed and careful consideration".

Government reintroduces RO Bill

The Federal Government has this morning reintroduced into federal Parliament its Bill to beef up regulation of registered organisations - which the Senate has already twice voted down.

AiG calls on government to bolster bargaining bill after Esso ruling

The AiG says that the Abbott Government should amend the Fair Work Act to prevent unions from taking industrial action when they are bargaining for "non-permitted" matters, in the wake of a FWC full bench decision on the issue this week.