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Discrimination case turns on voiced concerns, not "state of mind": Bench

As the Crown continues its pursuit of a Victorian employer charged with discriminating against employees who raised safety issues, Victoria's Court of Appeal has found that, as a question of law, it must prove only that the concerns were expressed rather than address the workers' "state of mind" at the time.

Commission terminates Loy Yang industrial action

The FWC has today acceded to the Victorian Government's application to terminate next week's protected industrial action at the AGL Loy Yang power station and coal mine in the Latrobe Valley.

Victorian labour hire licensing could be cross-sector

Victoria's Andrews Government says it will legislate for a state-based labour hire licensing scheme that might not be limited to the three sectors recommended by last year's labour hire inquiry, while it will push Canberra to establish a national scheme.

UFU decries CFA's engagement of employer-clientele law firm

Hardline employer-clientele law firm Seyfarth Shaw developed an aggressive bargaining strategy for Victoria's Country Fire Authority that aimed to replace a culture of UFU "veto and control" with "consultation and influence", documents published by the Senate reveal.

Teachers win extra non-teaching days under new deal

Victoria's public school teachers have won a 14% pay rise and an extra four annual non-teaching "planning" days under a four-year deal that also boosts principals' pay by 17% and provides permanency for at least 7,500 contract teachers and support workers.

FWC permits ABCC to rely on evidence of CFMEU pattern of conduct

The FWC will allow the ABCC to include material the CFMEU claims is prejudicial in its application to axe the entry permits of three officials who allegedly abused their rights when they visited Lend Lease sites in 2014.

$600,000 payout for anxious worker who suffered breakdown

A court has awarded more than $600,000 in damages to a state government employee with known mental health issues who suffered a "breakdown" after managers failed to properly consider her condition when they addressed a mounting conflict with a supervisor.