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"Integrity" Bill passes House, introduced to Senate

The Coalition's "ensuring integrity" legislation passed the lower house late yesterday afternoon, after IR Minister Christian Porter sought to "correct the record" on claims put by opponents of the Bill.

Folau lodges court claim

Representative rugby union player Israel Folau has today lodged his unlawful dismissal case in the Federal Circuit Court.

Near-record numbers covered by March quarter agreements

Bargained private sector pay rises remained below 3% in the March quarter, but the number of employees covered in the period rebounded to near-record levels, according to new Attorney-General's Department data released today.

Potential strife for Melbourne trains after strike ballot

Melbourne train commuters could soon face significant disruption after RTBU members endorsed taking protected industrial action against the metropolitan area's privatised passenger rail operator, Metro Trains.

Court declines whistleblower's bid for open information channels

An academic who is accusing Murdoch University of adverse action in retaliation for alleged public interest disclosures about international student admissions has failed to convince the Federal Court to make a "blanket order" allowing the "free flow" of information that might otherwise risk imprisonment.

Albanese attacks "integrity" legislation; and more

Opposition says "hatred-blinded" employer underlines benefits of unions; Consumer prices up: ABS; $62,000 fine for builder who blocked union entry; and Minor NERR mistake no barrier to approval.

New senator heralds union merger as "critical development"

New Labor senator Tim Ayres in his first speech to Parliament has defended unions as "a public good" in the face of recent "attacks" and lauded the United Voice-NUW merger as crucial in renewing private sector union capacity.

Meat union pursues future-proofing rule change

The AMIEU is seeking to change its rules so it can cover a future sub-sector of the meat industry that currently employs no workers in Australia and involves no slaughtering of animals.

Survey shows dual-earners up, incomes down; & more

HILDA release shows dual-earners up, incomes down; New senator seeks whistleblower protections for visa workers; and Grattan leader calls for greater enforcement, including jail.