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"National security" hearing proceeds behind closed doors

The Turnbull Government has pressed ahead with its application for a three-month ban on industrial action by border protection and immigration workers, which is being strongly opposed by the CPSU.

Strikes to resume at international airports

The CPSU will resume industrial action at international airports from tomorrow, after postponing plans for Easter strikes in response to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's request in the wake of last week's terror attacks in Brussels.

ETU preparing for strikes at NSW energy supplier

ETU members employed at the NSW electricity distributor Essential Energy have overwhelmingly endorsed protected work bans and stoppages, which they can begin activating next week.

Employer seeks agreement's termination to break deadlock

Power unions say that an application by a NSW Government-owned electricity distributor to terminate its enterprise agreement will led to immediate job losses and pay cuts for hundreds of workers.

Changes to Fair Work Act begin today

Changes to greenfields agreements bargaining, protected action ballots and unpaid parental leave have come into effect today, after the Federal Government's Fair Work Amendment Bill received Royal Assent yesterday.

Hutchison and MUA set deadline to reach agreement

Senior FWC member Anna Booth is today chairing negotiations between Hutchison Ports Australia and the MUA on a framework for a voluntary redundancy program the company will offer to employees in an enterprise deal that the parties have agreed to finalise by November 16.