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Class action could rewrite standard travel terms in agreements

A CFMEU-backed class action brought against an employer for allegedly underpaying 150 workers more than $1 million for travel time stands to recast agreement wording on the precise location where a job begins and ends.

High Court reserves decision in Aldi 'coverage' case

In a case likely to have ramifications for hundreds of existing enterprise deals, the High Court has reserved its decision in Aldi's appeal against a decision knocking out a controversial agreement on the basis it was agreed by prospective employees not yet covered by it.

Bench rules two must tango if Commission is to arbitrate dispute

An FWC full bench has found the tribunal lacked the power to settle a rostering dispute between the CFMEU and an underground coal mine because the enterprise agreement called for both parties to concur on how the matter should proceed.

Full bench gives employers more power to change rosters

An FWC full bench has confirmed that many aged care and nursing employers are entitled to change employees' rosters without consent to meet business needs, as long as they don't breach their workplace agreements.

Refugee school cleaners unlawfully stood-down during holidays: Court

In a rare decision on stand-down provisions under the Fair Work Act, the Federal Court has ruled that a contractor failed to comply with its obligation to pay its permanent part-time school cleaners normally during the 16 weeks of school holidays.

Union must name workers for FWC to resolve dispute

The FWC has confirmed it has the power to determine a dispute between labour supplier WorkPac and the CFMEU over pay cuts at a Rio Tinto coal mine, but its intervention is conditional on the union naming the employees involved.

Six-hour wait unpaid: FWC

Victoria's police federation has lost a battle to secure overtime for officers working at the 2014 G20 leaders' summit in Brisbane after the FWC concluded they were not working in the six hours between checking out of their hotel and a bus arriving to take them to their homebound flights.