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Bargaining order requires employer to make genuine offer

A Fair Work Commission full bench has today ordered a mining goliath to provide a union with a "genuine proposal" for a new enterprise agreement, after finding it failed to comply with the Fair Work Act's good faith bargaining requirements.

FWC bench settles "genuinely seeking agreement" debate

A senior FWC full bench has moved to clarify the confusion caused by conflicting decisions on whether unions that bargain for non-permitted matters are "genuinely trying to reach an agreement" under the Fair Work Act.

FWC gives green light to Esso ballots

The Fair Work Commission has given the go-ahead for protected action ballots at Esso Australia's Victorian gas operations after unions dropped a claim to limit the use of contractors.

Port Hedland strike off, union considers "genuinely trying" appeal

Tomorrow's planned four-hour stoppage by marine engineers at Port Hedland tug operator Teekay Shipping is off, after the company and AIMPE struck a deal that incorporates the landmark pay-for-leave buy-out accepted by the other two maritime unions, plus a compromise on earlier key stumbling blocks.

FWC orders UFU to ditch unconstitutional claims

The Fair Work Commission has found that the United Firefighters Union is not bargaining in good faith in pressing Victoria's Country Fire Authority to agree to minimum staffing levels in enterprise bargaining negotiations, and has ordered the union to drop the claims.

MUA offshore members begin four-day walkout next week

The MUA has given notice of four consecutive 24-hour stoppages at the marine contractor Farstad from November 15, in the latest development in enterprise bargaining involving vessel operators servicing the offshore oil and gas sector.

Good faith bargaining victories for employers

The Fair Work Commission has granted a company's request for good faith bargaining orders to provide for separate negotiations over four agreements in one case, but has knocked back a union's application for orders in another after finding that the employer was entitled to take a "hard" position in discussions.

Exclusion of supervisors from agreements normal: FWC

The Fair Work Commission says that excluding supervisor-level employees from enterprise agreements is normal practice, and that those seeking to be included via scope orders need to present strong evidence to win the day.

FWC tells MUA to ditch "Aussie jobs" clause

The Fair Work Commission has ordered the MUA not to push for "Australians first" job clauses that might breach anti-discrimination laws during the hotly-contested enterprise bargaining round in the offshore oil and gas services sector.