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HR manager discriminated against depressed executive: Court

A multinational company has been ordered to pay $160,000 to a former executive sacked over concerns about his capacity to return to work, despite its HR manager's insistence it was "insulting" to suggest the employee's depression played any part in the decision.

Bullying director penalised $27,500 for sacking, underpayments

The ailing 86-year-old director of a newspaper publishing company has been ordered to pay $27,500 to a journalist he sacked seven years ago, a day after he refused to withdraw a complaint to the Fair Work Ombudsman over underpayments.

"Disappointing" HR advice on clan elder's sacking: FWC

An FWC member has lambasted a council for numerous "missteps" in its dismissal of an Aboriginal night patrol officer, recommending it review its processes and advice received from an HR consultancy.

Compensation pared to maintain employer's viability

The FWC has substantially reduced the compensation payout to an underpaid sacked 457 visa worker because ordering a larger amount might have threatened his employer's viability.

Compensation awarded for sacking distress "beyond usual level"

An Aboriginal corporation has been ordered to pay total compensation of $67,503 to three cultural heritage field officers sacked after failing to prove ancestral connections, including $15,000 in general damages for "emotional upset".