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Injecting insulin just another task workers don't like: FWC

The FWC has found a nursing home's agreement allows it to make carers responsible for insulin injections when nurses are unavailable, despite "misplaced" fears, protestations and lack of extra pay, but only if the employer improves training practices.

FWC blasts out "sophisticated industrial player's" new deal

The FWC has tossed out a new deal put forward by a "sophisticated industrial player" after finding it failed to spell out to four long-term workers the numerous terms that fell short of the industry award.

Employer told to consult about "inconsequential" changes

Despite affecting less than 1% of its workforce, the operator of Melbourne's Yarra Trams network has been told by the FWC to hold off on further changes to its supply chain area in order to comply with an agreement's consultation obligations concerning "significant effects".

Reasonable to deny employee day off at peak time: FWC

The FWC has recommended that an employer release an AWU delegate an hour early to catch a flight to the union's annual women's conference, finding it not unreasonable under the terms of its agreement to refuse her a full day off during sugarcane crushing season.

Casual worker entitled to annual leave: Bench

Employers are warning of "massive liability" and instability for all who engage casuals and unions say it could be harder to use labour hire to "drive down costs", after a full Federal Court upheld a finding that a labour hire casual was in fact an employee entitled to annual leave payments.

Faulty FWC calculator sinks deal

A company that relied on an FWC online calculator to notify workers of a ballot has had the resulting agreement thrown out for failing to provide the statutory seven-day access period, prompting a senior Commission member to lament his inability to "overcome what is clearly a procedural failure".

CFMMEU pursues joint venture and others over alleged underpayments

The CFMMEU has begun Federal Court action that seeks to hold John Holland and CPB Contracting vicariously liable for subcontractors' alleged underpayment of wages and entitlements on Canberra's light rail project, with the union seeking to recover $700,000 and impose penalties.

No obligation to pay worker who lost licence: Bench

An FWC full bench has quashed a finding that BHP Coal should have kept paying or considered alternative duties for a mineworker while his driving licence was suspended, saying it would be tantamount to requiring an employer to excuse from duties but pay workers who turned up drunk.