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Ross refuses to refer agreement termination "test case" to bench

FWC President Iain Ross has refused the NTEU's bid for a full bench to hear Murdoch University's request to terminate its enterprise agreement, which the union claims is a "test case" that will affect up to 20,000 Western Australian higher education employees.

Court decides whether worker a priest or a cook

After what the FWO says is the first judicial review of one of its compliance notices, the Federal Circuit Court has found that a cook engaged at a Hindu temple was underpaid because he was wrongly classified as a priest under his employment contract.

Full court allows discussions in dragline's crib room

A full Federal Court has upheld the CFMEU's right to hold discussions in the crib room of a coal mine dragline, after rejecting BHP Coal's bid for a narrow interpretation of the Fair Work Act.

Aldi wins special leave to challenge FWC's rejection of agreement

The High Court has granted retailer Aldi's application for special leave to appeal a full Federal Court decision that knocked out a controversial agreement but has rejected a bid to challenge a Victorian court's decision to award a chief information officer more than $477,000 in damages.

FWC lacks power to hear entry dispute: Bench

An FWC full bench has accused the CFMEU of seeking to "disguise" what would be an exercise of judicial power over entry rights as an administrative matter and of relying on a "red herring" argument.

ABCC asks High Court to hear fines ban case

The ABCC is seeking special leave from the High Court to seek to overturn a recent decision that stymied the watchdog's push to prohibit unions from paying fines imposed on officials for unlawful conduct.

Rebuff for ABCC bid to hold union leader responsible

The ABCC has failed in an attempt to convince a full Federal Court to deny CFMEU construction and general division Queensland branch secretary Michael Ravbar an entry permit because of his responsibility for the union's "culture of wilful disobedience".