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News Corp makes sub-inflation pay offer to journalists

News Corp Australia has offered a real pay cut for several thousand journalists employed at its Australian newspapers and is also seeking to reduce redundancy entitlements for new hires.

Government warns public servants to expect low pay rises

The Coalition has warned public servants there will be "minimal capacity for wage increases" in bargaining to replace 114 enterprise agreements covering 165,000 employees that are due to expire on June 30.

UFU ordered to comply with good faith bargaining rules; Challenges court ruling

The FWC has ordered the United Firefighters' Union to comply with good faith bargaining obligations in its negotiations with Victoria's Country Fire Authority, while the union has lodged an appeal against the Federal Court's ruling that clauses requiring the CFA to employ additional firefighters and conduct recruitment are unconstitutional.

MUA to start offshore industrial action this week

The MUA and AMMA are accusing each other of shifting the goalposts in the drawn-out bargaining round for vessel operators in the offshore oil and gas industry, with the union to begin a 48-hour stoppage at pacesetting Tidewater Marine on Friday.

Train drivers' union stares down threat of 3rd-party action

The union covering Hunter Valley coal haulage drivers who are planning to strike next week is ignoring BHP Billiton threats of potential third party legal action and will instead today write to the mining giant to seek its support in resolving the dispute with rail operator Aurizon.

Dealers win in new casino deal

Crown Melbourne's dealers have won immediate pay rises of up to 18%, under the latest enterprise agreement covering the casino group's 4500 hospitality workers.