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Sacking costs listed company $1.1m despite unsigned contract

An ASX-listed investment house that summarily dismissed an executive director without explanation must pay $1.1 million in damages, after the absence of a signed contract left a court to assess her implied bonus and notice terms.

Heavy fines for employer that orchestrated safety rep's dismissal

An employer and director have been hit with near-maximum fines totalling $60,000 in recognition of the seriousness of the "contrived" dismissal of an OHS representative who raised safety concerns with the workplace regulator.

Prison officer's "takedown" not excessive: Bench

A prison officer has successfully challenged a finding that he was fairly dismissed for using excessive force on a prisoner with a psychiatric illness, an FWC full bench holding that Victoria's Department of Justice lacked a valid reason.

We're not responsible for HR consultant's errors: Company

A marine services company has failed to convince the FWC that it would be unfair to hold it accountable for the errors of an HR consultant by making it pay redundancy entitlements to a manager it offered to redeploy after a business transfer.

Compensation for manager "restructured" out of job

An employer that restructured a senior manager out of his job and did not consider him for a new role because its director considered him an underperformer must pay him almost $18,000, the FWC finding it was not a genuine redundancy.

FWC rejects "presumptuous" employer's bid to knock out claim

The FWC has slammed a "presumptuous" employer for taking up its time with a baseless late bid to have the tribunal throw out the unfair dismissal claim of a casual boxing trainer seeking compensation at the JobKeeper rate.

Member "misapplied" safety procedure in reinstating worker: Bench

BlueScope Steel has for the second time in a year succeeded in challenging the reinstatement of a worker dismissed for a critical safety breach, an FWC full bench resoundingly rejecting a tribunal member's characterisation of the incident as "minor".