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Fuel supplier wins extended notice of strike action

The FWC has ordered the AWU to give a Victoria's main fuel supplier extended notice of five days if its members plan on taking two or more forms of industrial action at the same time.

Shiftwork could cost employers more after FWC ruling

Employers relying on the General Construction Award might have to start paying thousands of civil construction workers overtime instead of shift penalties, after the FWC held that shiftwork rates only apply if they continue the work of others on the same project, for the same client and contract.

FWC bench lops 31 horticultural deals

An FWC full bench has quashed a tranche of newly-minted horticulture deals, finding they were not genuinely agreed to as potential changes to the award had not been accurately explained to those covered.

Arthritic bank teller, 68, doesn't have to move branches: Bench

The ANZ Bank has failed to overturn a decision blocking it from relocating an arthritic 68-year-old teller to a more distant branch, an FWC full bench finding that the issues raised were too narrow to enliven the public interest.

Bench rejects employer's bid to review strike suspension powers

A large employer has failed in its bid to have the FWC revisit what constitutes "significant harm" to third parties when considering halting protected industrial action, a full bench finding that the application lacked utility as the strikes concerned had long since ended.

Deal approved despite FWC's own BOOT concerns: Bench

The CFMMEU has questioned whether non-BOOT compliant agreements are slipping through the FWC's approvals process after a full bench quashed a three-paragraph decision green-lighting a deal despite the tribunal's own internal analysis warning that it did not pass muster.