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Crossbenchers back changes to greenfields arrangements

A group of Senate crossbenchers is set to agree on limited changes to the Fair Work Act, including providing a mechanism for breaking bargaining deadlocks on greenfields agreements.

Dispute defying "front bar" logic, but MUA avoids bargaining order

The FWC has declined to issue bargaining orders against the MUA for its conduct in negotiations with offshore oil and gas vessel operators, despite finding it misrepresented the employers' position, played "fast and loose with the truth" and behaved in a manner that raised questions about whether it was genuinely trying to make replacement agreements.

AWU took adverse action against oil company: Court

The AWU faces a substantial damages bill after the Federal Court ruled today that the union took adverse action against Esso Australia when its members undertook unprotected industrial action in March, including using the action to coerce Esso into changing its bargaining position.

Gorgon deal with reconfigured roster defeated

A revised enterprise deal with an extra day off in each roster cycle for the Gorgon LNG project’s largest contractor, CB&I, has been voted down, after a ballot closed on Friday evening.

Esso workers vote down proposed agreements

The AWU has called for Esso Australian to return to negotiations after workers at its Bass Strait oil and gas operations overwhelmingly rejected proposed new enterprise agreements.

Latest Gorgon deal voted down

A proposed agreement that sought to reduce working days each roster period from 26 to 23 days for the Gorgon LNG project's largest contractor has been voted down.

Bass Strait workers set to vote down Esso deal, AWU claims

The AWU expects employees at Esso Australia's Bass Strait oil operations to reject the company's proposed new enterprise agreements, which include shifting from seven-day to 14-day roster cycles for offshore workers.

Bargaining breakthrough at Aurizon

The major rail freight operator Aurizon has broken a bargaining deadlock with rail unions at its Queensland coal-hauling operations, where negotiations started more than two years ago.